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  • News Plastic and microplastic pollution, conference on 11-12 May, Brussels

    The Federal Environment Agency Austria, in co-operation with the Latvian EU Presidency, ECOSOC and others, initiated a stakeholder conference in order to take stock of existing knowledge about plastic and microplastic entering the aquatic environment, and to identify steps for effectively counteracting pollution. 

    Please find more information, including the registration site, here.

    [posted on: 16/04/2015]
  • News EPA Network Conference on Green Economy, 5 June, Brussels

    To illustrate the various benefits a green economy with real-life examples, and learn how barriers to a greener economy can be addresses effectively, EPAs from across Europe are organising this conference. It is targeted at political decision-makers, public officials and business representatives from both the national and European level.

    Find more information here.

    [posted on: 16/04/2015]

News UBA President Flasbarth says, “We need a green economy”

630,000 new jobs by 2020 as a result of resolute climate protection

Release date 19/04/2012
Contributor Will Fawcett

The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) sees excellent opportunities to renew the global economy in environmental protection. “Whereas it used to be seen as expensive and a damper to growth, environmental protection now has the potential to be the engine of prosperity in modern economies“, said UBA President Jochen Flasbarth upon publication of the annual Schwerpunkte 2012 report in Berlin. At unchanged production methods with high greenhouse gas emissions and raw materials consumption, our world is ultimately headed towards the brink of ecological and economic collapse. Ahead of the July 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro, Flasbarth is hoping for global impetus. He says, “We need green economy. The fact that it has economic advantages has been proven in Germany, for German businesses are global leaders in exports of environmental protection goods. There are already some two million people with jobs in the environmental protection field. Renewable energies alone have created about 370,000 jobs, a number that has actually continued to grow despite the financial crisis,“ says Flasbarth. Another 630,000 jobs might be created if the Federal Government climate protection goals to reduce greenhouse gases by 40 percent until 2020 are pursued resolutely.

Read the full press release here