News System Balance 2017, new report published by the Flanders Environment Agency

In the new publication ‘System Balance 2017, environmental challenges for the energy, mobility and food systems in Flanders’, the Flanders Environment Agency investigates to what extent these three important societal systems are - or are not - environmentally balanced and what system changes are needed if we want to sustain our prosperity within the limits of our planet. The publication is complementary to the set of environment indicators describing the state of the environment. The focus on systems should enable to further develop the knowledge for system transition, and the policy-related monitoring thereof.

The publication (available in English) can be downloaded from the website following this link: System Balance 2017

Concerned URL http://www.milieurapport.be/en/news/archiefnieuwsitems/2017/13-july-2017-system-balance-2017-environmental-challenges-for-the-energy-mobility-and-food-systems
Release date 23/08/2017
Contributor Katrin Seuss

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