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News PBL publishes study on SDGs Katrin Seuss 19/04/2016, 17:06
News 3rd European Resources Forum, 9/10 November 2016 Katrin Seuss 09/06/2016, 10:39
News 5th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum Katrin Seuss 10/11/2016, 12:31
News 6th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (2017 EEEN Forum) Katrin Seuss 21/06/2017, 16:24
PDF ASE workshop 20 oct 2017_save the date Download Katrin Seuss 31/07/2017, 13:00 427 KB
News Advisory Assistance Programme at German Environment Agency 2016 Katrin Seuss 29/08/2017, 14:38
PDF Advisory Assistance programme at German Environment Agency 2016 booklet Download Katrin Seuss 29/08/2017, 14:28 11 MB
News Climate Adaptation in the Dutch Delta Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 09:56
PDF Combating waste crime flyer_20 October 2017 Download Katrin Seuss 22/09/2017, 09:25 3 MB
News EPA Network Conference on Green Economy, 5 June, Brussels Former Eionet member 06/05/2015, 10:58
News EPA Network brochure released Former Eionet member 20/04/2016, 15:23
News Engendering Environment conference, 16 October 2017 Katrin Seuss 23/08/2017, 11:20
News European Sustainable Development Week, 30 May - 5 June 2015 Former Eionet member 12/05/2015, 17:14
News Flemish Environment Agency releases new report Former Eionet member 10/11/2016, 12:29
News Green Growth indicators in Slovakia Former Eionet member 21/07/2016, 09:10
News Greening the economy Former Eionet member 21/07/2016, 09:11
News ISPRA published report on food wastage and losses Katrin Seuss 09/01/2018, 09:31
News IdentiPlast - Circular Economy and Plastics: Opportunities and Challenges Katrin Seuss 24/11/2016, 16:00
News Irish EPA has launched 6th SOER Katrin Seuss 10/11/2016, 12:20
News Low-carbon transitions and the good life Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 09:58
News MACC-III Policy User Workshop, 3-4 March 2015, Vienna Former Eionet member 12/02/2015, 16:57
News MIRA Indicator report 2010 now available Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 10:03
News Magazine for SEPA now available online Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 09:59
News Malta launches draft biodiversity strategy Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 09:57
News Microplastics conference, presentations now available online Former Eionet member 08/06/2015, 20:34
News Monitoring of Genetically modified Organisms Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 10:03
News Nature Outlook - New PBL report Former Eionet member 21/07/2016, 09:13
News New Director-General at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Former Eionet member 09/10/2015, 16:43
News New EPA to be created in Norway Former Eionet member 21/07/2016, 09:10
News New Environment Agency in Estonia Former Eionet member 21/07/2016, 09:08
News New PBL report on environmental policy Former Eionet member 20/04/2016, 15:21
News New secretary of the network Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 10:04
News PBL report on resource efficiency Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 10:01
News Plastic and microplastic pollution, conference on 11-12 May, Brussels Former Eionet member 05/05/2015, 09:19
News Putting a stop to oil spills with effective surveillance and legislation Former Eionet member 21/07/2016, 09:12
News Registration for ASE workshop, 20 October 2017 Katrin Seuss 22/09/2017, 09:47
News Roads from Rio+20 Former Eionet member 10/11/2016, 12:30
News Sir James Bevan appointed new CEO of the Environment Agency England Former Eionet member 20/04/2016, 08:59
News Summer School: "The Precautionary Principle: Governance of innovation and innovations in governance" Katrin Seuss 19/04/2016, 16:59
News Sustainability monitor for the Netherlands 2011 Former Eionet member 29/11/2011, 19:25
News Swiss Environmental Statistics: A Brief Guide 2012 Former Eionet member 10/11/2016, 12:28
News System Balance 2017, new report published by the Flanders Environment Agency Katrin Seuss 23/08/2017, 11:13
News The Energetic society Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 10:02
News The Interest Group Green and Circular Economy published two discussion papers and a working paper Stefania Minestrini 08/06/2018, 10:48
News Transition to green economy conference, 6-7 September Bratislava Katrin Seuss 21/07/2016, 09:07
News UBA President Flasbarth says, “We need a green economy” Former Eionet member 05/01/2017, 09:57
News UBA published an assessment on the EC Plastic Strategy Stefania Minestrini 01/02/2018, 10:01
News Working internationally Former Eionet member 21/07/2016, 09:13
News European Conference on Plastics in Freshwater Environments Katrin Seuss 10/11/2016, 12:22