Folder Network reports and correspondence

Network reports and correspondence

Members of the EPA Network have expressed their views in the following reports and correspondence:


Plastics - Discussion paper Recommendations towards the EU Plastics Strategy accompanied by a letter to the European Commission (May 2017)

Green and Circular Economy - Discussion paper Input to the European Commission from European EPAs about monitoring progress of the transition towards a circular economy in the European Union accompanied by a letter to the European Commission (May 2017)

Noise - The Interest Group Noise Abatement presented its final report for the period 2011 - 2016 (February 2017).


Genetically Modified Organisms - The joint Interest Group of the EPA and ENCA Networks compiled a paper on various impacts of herbicide-resistant plants on biodiversity. The paper has been shared with the European Commission's DG SANTE and DG AGRI, and the European Food Safety Authority. It makes a case for comprehensive environmental risk assessment of herbicide-resistant GMOs, if further loss of biodiversity is to be prevented. 

response of DG SANTE, response of the European Food Safety Authority

Noise - The Interest Group Noise Abatement presented a technical report on aircraft noise abatement in Europe.



7th Environmental Action Programme (EAP) - A paper by a group of 22 EPA Network member organisations with recommendations for implementing the 7th EAP 

Noise - The Interest Group Noise Abatement presented its progress report on measures against rail traffic noise.


GMOs - A position paper by members of the Interest Group on risk assessment and monitoring of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - Steps towards a comprehensive post market environmental monitoring of genetically modified organisms.

Natural Resources -Increasing market transparency with environmental product information - Report from the Interest Group on Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (December 2013)

Noise - Letter from the Interest Group on Noise Abatement to the European Railway Agency regarding rail traffic noise. (December 2013)

Environmental inspections - Letter to Commissioner Potočnik regarding the recent consulation on options for strengthening the EU level framework for environmental inspections and engagement with networks. (June 2013)

EPA Network brochure

The EPA Network brochure was agreed at the Copenhagen plenary meeting in May 2013.

It provides information on the history and structure of the Network and highlights some

of the main activities and achievements over the last 10 years.


Climate change - Letter to the European Commission regarding the proposed EU Climate change adaptation strategy - October 2012 and response from Commissioner Hedegaard

F-gasesLetter to the European Commission (May 2012) from a number of members of the EPA Network and response from Commissioner Hedegaard (July 2012)

Noise - Letter to the European Parliament and technical report on road traffic noise from the Interest Group on Noise Abatement - April 2012.


NoiseLetter to the European Commission from the Interest Group on Noise Abatement regarding road traffic noise - October 2011

Better Regulation - 6EAP public consulation response by the EPA Network- April 2011

2010 and earlier

7EAPLetter to Environment Commissioner on 7th Environment Action Programme - October 2010

Material Flow Analysis (MFA) for Resource Policy Decision Support


The Oslo Statement:Improving the Effectiveness of EU Environmental Regulation - A Future Vision 


The Helsinki statement on Barriers to Better Regulation


The Zagreb Statement on Revision of the Construction Product Directive 


The Dessau statement on Sustainable Use of Natural Resources


The Prague statement on Better regulation