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Abstract: The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMÚ) is specialized organization, supervised by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, which operates monitoring programmes of air and water, including air and water quality and radioactivity on the whole territory of the Slovak Republic. SHMÚ provides relevant data and information to all users in Slovakia and abroad. SHMÚ was established since January 1, 1969, and amended by the decision of the Minister of Environment of the Slovak Republic dated June 12, 2006, No. 23/2006 – 1.6. In the year 2009, was adopted and entered into force the law on the State Meteorological Service and the State Water Service. Institute has continued in activities of its predecessors – the hydrological and meteorological services which operated on the territory of Slovakia from the middle of the 19th century. SHMÚ has implemented, maintained and functional quality management system in line with two international standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17 025:2005 for two accredited laboratories Calibration laboratory and Testing laboratory. Nowadays, SHMÚ is a governmental organization, i.e. partially financed from state grand-in-aid and partially from commercial activities revenues.

SHMÚ is specialized organization operated on the whole territory of the Slovak Republic which concerns with:

  • monitoring of quantitative and qualitative parameters, characterizing air and water conditions on the territory of the Slovak Republic;
  • collection, validation, evaluation, archiving and interpretation of data on state and regime of air and water conditions;
  • provision of operational and non-operational data and information on conditions of air and water including weather and hydrological forecasts and warnings  to public,  state authorities and  customers;
  • Description and study of atmospheric and hydrological phenomena.

By performing this mission, SHMÚ contributes to the satisfying of demands of the Slovak Republic in the following areas:

  • protection and safety of lives and property;
  • protection of the environment;
  • support for an economic development on the principle of sustainability. 

The annual budget of SHMÚ is around 12.9 mil. €. The number of employees is 433, the number of voluntary observers is approximately 1800. SHMÚ operates the monitoring programs which contains about 920 measuring stations for meteorology, climatology, agrometeorology and fenology, 38 measuring stations for air pollution, ozone and precipitation quality, 23 measuring stations for environmental radioactivity and about 1920 measuring stations for regular state hydrological monitoring, (420 are hydrological gauging stations, 1497 monitoring stations for groundwater quantity and quality, from which in 587 is monitored groundwater quality).

Responsibility areas of SHMÚ:

  • monitoring and assessment of atmosphere, hydrosphere, air quality, groundwater quality, climate and environmental radioactivity on the whole territory of the Slovak Republic;
  • collection, processing, evaluation and distribution of information on atmosphere, air pollution, climate, water resources, water pollution and utilization and environmental radioactivity on the trans-boundary and national level: collecting,      processing and evaluation of national air emissions;
  • provision of National evidence of water utilization and pollution;
  • co-ordination of the whole water, air pollution, atmosphere, climate and radioactivity monitoring programme of Slovakia;
  • operational transfer of meteorological, hydrological and radioactivity data in on-line regime to WMO - GTS telecommunication system;
  • provision of meteorological and hydrological data and information for civil aviation and water transport;
  • provision of data, information and know-how for The Weather Center of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic;
  • production and distribution of meteorological and hydrological forecasts and warnings, flood warnings, smog and ozone warnings and warnings for nuclear accident to governmental administration, disaster and hazard management      authorities, public and other users in the Slovak Republic and abroad;
  • participation in the reporting process to EC, OECD, ICPDR, WMO and other national and international organizations and users, including the international and bilateral agreements (e.g. Water Convention, Bilateral Commissions on      transboundary rivers, Danube Convention, etc.);
  • participation in the development of strategic, conceptual, planning and programming documents for sustainable development and management of the environment in the Slovak Republic, including the participation in the process of the implementation EC Directives.


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