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The Slovak Environmental Agency (SEA) is a professional organisation with nationwide scope of powers. Its activities focus on environmental protection, environmental policy development and landscape creation on the principles of sustainable development.

SEA was established by the decision of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic (MoE SR) on 17th May 1993 and up till 1st January 2001 it was fully funded from the public purse. Since 1st January 2001, SEA is only partially funded from the state budget.

Budget and number of staff

The total budget of SEA in 2012 equalled 4 773 098 €. Approximately 62 % of this sum was allocated to SEA from the state budget based on a contract with the Ministry of the Environment, 33 % were obtained from projects and 3% from other sources.

As of 31st December 2012 the total number of staff was 202 full-time employees, of which around 160 were university educated with a Master's or higher degree.

Main tasks and areas of responsibility  

  • fulfilment      of selected international obligations of the Slovak Republic      in the field of environmental protection
  • environmental      management
  • waste      management, packaging  waste and      chemical substances in the environment
  • landscape,      its creation and protection and landscape planning
  • care      for the environment and environmental risk assessment
  • environmental      impact assessment and environmental regional planning
  • assessment of environmental      situation and green growth assessment
  • environmental      education and promotion
  • environmental      monitoring and informatics
  • environmental      projects programming and implementation.

In the above areas SEA provides the Ministry of the Environment with expert and supporting documents for drat strategies, concepts, programmes and legal regulations; moreover, it coordinates various activities, holds conferences, seminars, trainings, exhibitions and other events, compiles plans and assesses their fulfilment, develops or procures projects and  expert opinions, provides professional supervision over application of environmental legal regulations and expert activities focused on fulfilment of commitments of the Slovak Republic resulting from international conventions, such as  World Heritage Convention, European Landscape Convention, Aarhus Convention, Stockholm Convention and others, provides the Ministry with expert assistance in harmonisation of environmental legislation of the Slovak Republic with regulations and procedures  of the European Union and cooperates with concerned expert institutions in the Slovak Republic and abroad. SEA acts as National Focal Point of the European Environment Agency, National Focal Point for Basel Convention, Contact Point for Stockholm Convention and carries out activities of the Basel Convention Regional Centre.

SEA has an important role also in the field of legal regulations implementation concerning the access to environmental information. Each year it publishes in cooperation with MoE SR the State of the Environment Report of the Slovak Republic, provides consultancy and carries out monitoring and promotion in relation to programming and planning processes for sustainable development, organises the Village Renewal Programme and the Village of the Year competition, International Environmental Film Festival ENVIROFILM and international conference Enviro-i-Forum. Together with MoE SR, the Slovak Environmental Agency publishes the journal Enviromagazin.


The Slovak Environmental Agency consists of the Headquarters in Banská Bystrica and four specialised centres with nationwide scope of powers controlled from the Headquarters.

  • CEI - Centre of Environmental Policy      and Informatics 
  • CPPEZ - Centre of Natural and      Energy Resources Planning
  • CTKEVV - Centre of Landscape      Creation and Environmental Education
  • COHEM - Centre of  Waste      Management and Environmental Management

Website: http://www.sazp.sk/     

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