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The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia

The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia performs expert, analytical, regulatory and administrative tasks related to the environment at the national level. Our primary objective is to become a leading, effective and trustworthy environmental institution, capable of disseminating knowledge to other related institutions around the world.

The Environmental Agency is a body of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. Its mission is to monitor, analyse and forecast natural phenomena and processes in the environment, and to reduce natural threats to people and property. The following tasks are performed by the national services for meteorology, hydrology and seismology:

  • preserving natural resources, biodiversity and sustainable development;
  • observing, analysing and forecasting natural phenomena and processes in the environment;
  • reducing impact of natural hazards;
  • ensuring legal protection and professional assistance to participants in environmental encroachment procedures;
  • guiding change of national and personal values system in relation to the environment as well as influencing the value criteria for environmental encroachments;
  • ensuring high-quality environmental data for all target groups;
  • raising the awareness of people and institutions about the environment and environmental issues.

Budget in 2006: 35 678 700 EUR

Number of staff in 2006: 451

The Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia has established a system of quality in line with two international standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/SIST/IEC 17025 for two accredited laboratories: the Calibration Laboratory and the Chemical Analysis Laboratory.

The basic objective of the agency is the continuous improvement of the quality of services, which can be achieved due to adhering to the following principles: 

  • being orientated towards a culture of communication, culture of living and life in general;
  • ensuring and constantly improving the quality of services and the entire process of operations and procedures;
  • monitoring the attainment of quality objectives set and immediately eliminate deviations;
  • being aware that the proper training of each employee is a precondition for achieving and maintaining the required quality.
  • fulfilling the adopted quality policy on a consistent basis. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure a certain quality level in relation to clients;
  • ensuring the professional and personal development of all employees. 


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Website: www.arso.gov.si  


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