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The National Environmental Protection Agency is a specialised authority of the public central administration, subordinated to the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development.

Legal framework

The National Environmental Protection Agency was established by the Governmental Decision no. 1625/23.12.2003, in a time of major institutional reforms in the environment protection field, following the example of several EU Member States and countries in the accession process which have established technical environmental institutions at national level, so as to provide technical support for the environmental protection authorities.Romania’s accession to the European Union was a major strategic objective for the entire society. In line with this objective, the reorganization of the National Environmental Protection Agency was considered of great importance. Based on the Governmental Decision no. 459/19.05.2005 on the reorganization and functioning of NEPA, its functions and attributes were redefined in order to provide the legal framework needed to fulfil the obligations assumed by Romania through the Position Paper – Chapter 22. It is important to underline that by subordinating the regional and local environmental protection agencies from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development to the National Environmental Protection Agency, there were designed the prospects for the implementation of the European legislation and regulations, within the agreed deadlines.


The National Environmental Protection Agency has been intended to work in order to ensure a healthy environment, in line with Romania’s economical development and its social progress. Our mission consists in a ensuring a better environment for the present and future generations, through a continuous enhancement of air, soil and water quality. For these reasons, NEPA has attributes in the following areas:

  • Strategic environmental planning;
  • Environmental factors monitoring;
  • Drawing up the Report on State of Environment;
  • Permitting of activities which have an impact on the environment;
  • Implementation of the environmental legislation and policies at national, regional and local level;
  • Reporting to the European Environment Agency, through the Eionet network, the priority data flows for air quality, climate change, protected areas, soil contamination and water;
  • Maintaining a permanent connection with the European Chemicals Agency.
  • Responsibilities

    • Providing technical support for the substantiation of the legislation, sector strategies and policies, according to the acquis communautaire, and based on the concept of sustainable development;
    • Implementation of the environmental legislation;
    • Coordinating the implementation of environmental strategies and policies at national, regional and local level;
    • Representation in the external and internal relations, according to the mandate of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development;
    • Permitting the activities having an impact on the environment and providing the compliance with the legal provisions;
    • Management of the national reference laboratories for air, waste, noise, vibrations, radioactivity and genetically modified organisms;
    • Coordination of the development of the sector action plans and the national environmental protection action plan.

    Website: http://www.anpm.ro/

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