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  • News New PBL report on environmental policy

    In the essay ‘Changing track, changing tack’ PBL, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, summarises 40 years of Dutch environmental policy and draws lessons for the future. 

    [posted on: 09/10/2013]
  • News EPA Network brochure released

    The EPA Network brochure has been released. This describes the establishment and structure of the Network as well highlighting some important outputs and achievements. You can download a copy here or contact the secretary to get a hard copy.

    [posted on: 10/07/2013]

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Release date 21/10/2010
Contributor David Egilson
Geographical coverage Norway
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Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management
P.O. Box 5672 Sluppen, NO-7485 Trondheim
Telephone: +47 73 58 05 00 - Telefax: +47 73 58 05 01
Email: postmottak@dirnat.no - Website: www.dirnat.no
Visiting address: Tungasletta 2, Trondheim