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The Directorate for Nature Management (DN) is the national executive and advisory management agency concerning the conservation of biological diversity, outdoor recreation and sustainable use of natural resources, and is administratively responsible to the Ministry of the environment.

Legal basis

The Directorate is one of five environmental agencies responsible to the Ministry of the environment, and has key responsibilities related to the conservation of biological diversity, outdoor recreation and sustainable use of natural resources.

The Acts forming the legal basis for the work of the Directorate are the Nature conservation act, the Wildlife act, the Act relating to salmonoids and freshwater fish, the Gene technology act, the Act relating to motorised traffic on marginal land and watercourses, the Outdoor recreation act, the Nature inspectorate act, the Svalbard environment act and the Planning and building act.

Funding for the Directorate is provided by the State Budget through the Ministry of the environment, including budget lines related to freshwater and salmon management, wildlife management and hunting, compensation and prevention schemes related to carnivores, state nature inspection, national parks and protected areas, outdoor recreation, and purchase of recreational areas.


The Directorate has management (* denotes role as national management authority) and advisory responsibilities related to the following global and regional conventions: the Convention on biological diversity (CBD), the Biosafety protocol (Cartagena), the Convention on trade in endangered species (CITES)*, the Convention on migratory species (CMS)*, the Wetlands convention (Ramsar)*, the World heritage convention (WHC), the Framework convention on climate change (FCCC), the Convention on the combat of desertification  (CCD), the Convention on European wildlife and natural habitats (Bern)*. The Convention for the conservation of salmon in the North Atlantic Ocean (NASCO)*, the Convention for the protection of the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic (OSPAR), the European landscape convention and the Convention on information and public participation (Aarhus). 

The Directorate is responsible for instructing and advising the County Governors (regional level in Norway) within its areas of responsibility. Through the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate (SNO), the directorate ensures control over follow-up of laws and regulations.

An important role is the provision of information and advice related to policy development under the Ministry of the environment and related to relevant activities under other sector authorities. The directorate also plays a key role in communication, education and public awareness, environmental monitoring and research and the use of information technology and geographical information systems.

 The Directorate serves as adviser to the Norwegian directorate for development co-operation (Norad) related to biological diversity and sustainable use of natural resources in Norwegian development co-operation. In this capacity, the Directorate has institutional co-operation with national agencies in several developing countries.

Activities related to the Arctic include regional co-operation in the Arctic council and the Barents region, bilateral co-operation with Russia and national policy and legislation related to Svalbard, Jan Mayen and the Barents Sea. The Directorate is a government agency member of the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

Vision and core values

The vision for DN is to work “for life in nature and nature in life”, while core values are to be consultative, committed, clear and competent.

Budget and number of staff

The Directorate for 2006 has a total budget of approximately 675 million NOK and a total staff of approximately 200. The head office is located in Trondheim, with the State Nature Inspectorate having 37 local offices at present.

Further information and URL

Further information about the Directorate can be found at http://english.dirnat.no, while more information on the environment in Norway can be found at http://www.environment.no/.

Organisational chart

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For inquiries to the Directorate kindly contact us through telephone at             + 47 73 58 05 00        or through email at postmottak@dirnat.no

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