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The Climate and Pollution Agency was established in 1974 as the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT). We are one of five environmental agencies which report to the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment.

18 January 2010 we became the Climate and Pollution Agency. Our new name better reflects our fields and modes of work. Our key areas of work include climate change, chemicals, water and the marine environment, waste management, air quality and noise. We implement government policy on pollution and act as guides, guardians and a driving force for a better environment. Our vision is a future without pollution.

At present, we have about 325 employees mainly based in Oslo. We are headed by a Director General, and divided into four departments: the Department of Chemicals and Local Environmental Management, the Department Climate and Industry, the Department of Control, Water and International Affairs and the Department of Administration and Information. To find out more about the Climate and Pollution Agency, please visit http://www.klif.no/english.

We are working to:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • reduce the spread of substances harmful to health and environment
  • achieve a holistic and ecosystem based management of water bodies and oceans
  • increase recycling and reduce emissions from waste
  • reduce harmful effects from air pollution and noise 


Our functions and roles:

We exercise regulatory authority and carry out inspections

The Agency manages and enforces the Pollution Control Act, the Product Control Act and the Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Act. We grant permits, establish requirements and set emission limits, and carry out inspections to ensure compliance.

We monitor and inform about the state of the environment

The Agency is responsible for providing an up-to-date overview of the state of the environment and its development. Together with other expert agencies we provide environmental information to the public. Our main channel is State of Environment Norway (http://www.environment.no/)

We instruct and guide the County Governors’ environmental departments

The Agency supervises and monitors the County Governors’ work on pollution, coordinates the County Governors’ inspection work and organises joint inspection campaigns. We provide guidelines for the County Governors and also deal with appeals against decisions made by the County Governors.

We provide expert advice and promote key environmental initiatives

The Agency speaks out if the state of the environment takes an unwanted direction in relation to Norwegian environmental goals or international obligations. We highlight on the main environmental challenges in different sectors, and we give advice, assessments and suggestions for lines of action to the Ministry of the Environment.

We participate in international environmental and development cooperation

The Agency participates in a series of international processes, where we work for regional and global agreements that reduce serious environmental problems. We also cooperate with the environmental authorities in other countries, sharing competence and contributing to environmental improvements.


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