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      PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

The PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency is one out of three independent assessment agencies in the Netherlands. The PBL is the result of a merger in 2008 between the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (MNP) and the Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research (RPB). The PBL functions as an interface between science and policy, with strong roots in both. It originates from a tradition in physical sciences and today has a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary method of working.

We contribute to improving the quality of political and administrative decision-making by conducting outlook studies, analyses and evaluations in which an integrated approach is of paramount importance. Policy relevance is an important selection criterion for projects in our annual Work Programme. We conduct solicited and unsolicited research that is always independent and scientifically sound.

Mandate: The PBL supports national and international policymakers by analysing the environmental impact of policies and of trends in society. We provide independent integrated assessments on topics such as sustainable development, energy and climate change, biodiversity, transport, land use and air quality. The PBL has a statutory responsibility to biennially publish an Assessment of the Living Environment, in which we take stock of recent developments in the fields of environment, nature, and spatial planning. Every four years, the PBL also publishes scenario studies on the environment and nature. These outlooks play an important role in the development of Dutch Government policies on environment, spatial planning and nature for the long term.

Analysing the past, looking to the future Governments, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere, as well as international organisations, need solid information, evaluations and assessments to base their policies on. The PBL works towards meeting this demand. We are a government-funded assessment agency, working in close collaboration with national and international partners, to assess future policies and the effects of policies already in place.

Integrated and interrelated The PBL analyses interrelated environmental issues and their interaction with economic and social developments. Not only do we examine Dutch problems in European and global contexts, we also research global topics such as climate change, and European and global sustainability issues.

Scientific and independent The PBL is a networking organisation with emphasis on intensive collaboration with Dutch and international science institutions. This means that our publications are based on the latest scientific insights. We have considerable expertise in building and applying models and scenarios for policy purposes. The PBL is a government-owned organisation, but with a legally guaranteed independence regarding content. Our publications and research results are all available to the public. The independent position of our organisation is also reflected in the way we report on the full range of scientific opinions.

Budget: € 30 million 

Number of staff: 220 staff members (200 full-time equivalents)

Research areas:

  • Climate, Air and Energy
  • Sustainable development
  • Spatial Planning and Quality of the Local Environment
  • Urbanization and Transport
  • Nature and Rural Areas
  • Water, Agriculture and Food
  • Information, Data and Methodology
  • Centre for Air Quality Research


Website: www.pbl.nl/en/index.html


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