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The Environment Agency operates under the direction of the Ministry for the Environment. Its role is to promote the protection as well as sustainable use of Iceland's natural resources, as well as public welfare by helping to ensure a healthy environment, and safe consumer goods.

Areas of operation

  • Information and advice for the public, businesses and regulatory authorities
  • Monitoring of environmental quality
  • Evaluation of environmental impact assessment and development plans
  • Operation supervision, inspection, operating permits, etc.
  • Conservation: the management and supervision of designated protected areas
  • Assessment of conservation effects and registration of unique nature sites
  • Risk analysis
  • Wildlife management
  • Collaboration in Scandinavian, other European and international agreements/projects
  • Eco-labelling
  • Animal protection
  • Wildlife conservation
  • Labelling and handling of toxic as well as other hazardous substances
  • Health and safety in public places
  • Coordination of local health inspectorates
  • Genetically modified foods


Website: www.ust.is 


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