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  • News Plastic and microplastic pollution, conference on 11-12 May, Brussels

    The Federal Environment Agency Austria, in co-operation with the Latvian EU Presidency, ECOSOC and others, initiated a stakeholder conference in order to take stock of existing knowledge about plastic and microplastic entering the aquatic environment, and to identify steps for effectively counteracting pollution. 

    Please find more information, including the registration site, here.

    [posted on: 16/04/2015]
  • News EPA Network Conference on Green Economy, 5 June, Brussels

    To illustrate the various benefits a green economy with real-life examples, and learn how barriers to a greener economy can be addresses effectively, EPAs from across Europe are organising this conference. It is targeted at political decision-makers, public officials and business representatives from both the national and European level.

    Find more information here.

    [posted on: 16/04/2015]

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National Institute for the Environment



The Institute

The National Institute for Environment of Hungary (NIfE, Hungarian abbreviation NeKI) was established on the 1st of January 2012 by the Government Decree No. 300/2011. Similarly to other European environmental agencies, NIfE operates as a background institution of the Ministry of Rural Development which is responsible for environmental protection, nature conservation and water management besides agriculture, rural development and forestry.

The tasks of this new agency cover policy advice, contribution to the knowledge base by research, monitoring, data gathering and assessment, and promotion of regulation by impact assessments and background studies.


Twelve regional branches of the Institute collect and process data on the spot. The collected data are aggregated in a nation-wide system, published real-time on the internet, and these databases serve as a basis for reporting to national authorities and international organizations and also for publications for the wider public.

The Hungarian Museum for Environment and Hydrology and the National Archives for Environment and Hydrology are under the supervision of the National Institute for Environment too.

Leaders, contacts

Head Office:                                                                 H-1012 Budapest, Márvány u. 1/D.

Director General’s office:                                               H-1012 Budapest, Attila út 93.

Postal address:                                                             1253 Budapest POB. 57.



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