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The Croatian Environment Agency (CEA) is a public institution established by the Croatian Government in June 2002. Its main purpose is to collect, integrate and process the environmental data on the national level; to establish, develop, coordinate and maintain the national environmental information system; to provide environmental reporting on the national and international levels.


Legal basis


  • The Environmental Protection Strategy (National Official Gazette 46/02)
  • The Regulation on the Establishment of Croatian Environment Agency (National Official Gazette 75/02)
  • Environmental Protection Act (National Official Gazette 110/07)

The decision regarding the establishment of the Agency was based on the following factors:


  •  The Environmental Protection Strategy" is the key Croatian environmental protection document, passed at the Croatian Parliament session on 25 January 2002. In this document a separate section addresses the need for the establishment of an independent specialised agency, the Croatian Environment Agency, and determines the organisation's objectives by defining it as a central professional body and a potential promoter of sustainable development;
    • Article 81 of the Implementation Plan for the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the European Communities, signed by the EU Member States and Croatia on 29 October 2001 concerns the establishment of The Croatian Environment Agency by the end of 2002, and Article 103 stipulates the creation of the Environmental Information System.
  • The establishment of The Croatian Environment Agency is facilitated by primary and secondary legislation under which the Environmental Information System is to be created. The Environmental Information System should accept responsibility for international commitments according to which Croatia is to collect, process, exchange and/or disseminate different information and data.
  • There existed a need to create a comprehensive environmental data system on the national level, which can comprise data on the current state of the environment, conduct and plan monitoring of pollution and contamination, pollution and load trends, implemented or planned environmental projects, their efficiency and protection measures, as well as efficiency of individual environmental policy measures in Croatia. 

 Main responsibilities and activities (as defined in The Environmental Protection Act):


  • environmental information system;
  • collecting and integrating environmental data and/or environmental information;
  • managing relevant environmental databases;
  • monitoring and reporting on the state of environment;
  • production of the National State of Environment Report;
  • production of the National List of Indicators;
  • collaboration with administrative bodies (state, regional, local), public, national and international institutions (particularly EEA) and organisations concerning environmental  issues;
  • enforcement / assistance in enforcement of international treaties and agreements concerning environmental issues, particularly regarding accepted reporting obligations;
  • collaborating on environmental projects and programmes within the framework of international agreements (by the appointment of the Ministry of Environment);
  • providing conditions for easy access to environmental information.

Recent achievements - 2007


Establishment of new databases:

  • Landfills database
  • Pollutant Emission Register
  • Risk Installation database
  • Potentially polluted and polluted sites database
  • Cover (CLC) - 2006 update
  • ASEMP (Adriatic Sea Environment Master Plan) tool
  • damages-crown condition database
  • Laboratories database
  • Environment Protection Projects database
  • Waste Management Licences Register
  • Web-based interactive tool for development and tracking marine indicators
  • Reporting on national level:
  • 2007 SOE Croatia (prepared for the Croatian Parliament and approved in May 2007)
  • Air quality monitoring (4 reports)
  • Pollutant emission into air (3)
  • Management and trans-boundary movement of waste (5)
  • Pollutant emission into fresh waters and seas (1)
  • Water treatment installation (1)
  • Continuous progress in delivery of Priority Data Sets to Eionet, regarding:
  • CLRTAP data
  • UNFCC data
  • annual ozone
  • monthly and summer ozone
  • designated areas
  • river quality
  • lake quality
  • water quantity
  • marine data
  • contaminated soil
  • contribution to Belgrade Report;
  • continuous improvements regarding public accessibility to environmental data;
  • conferences, lectures, publications, information catalogues.
Organisational Structure and Governance
  •  Number of staff by the end of 2007: 40


Croatia Organogram


Website: www.azo.hr           To see the location on map click here   


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