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    In the essay ‘Changing track, changing tack’ PBL, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, summarises 40 years of Dutch environmental policy and draws lessons for the future. 

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    The EPA Network brochure has been released. This describes the establishment and structure of the Network as well highlighting some important outputs and achievements. You can download a copy here or contact the secretary to get a hard copy.

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Estonian Environment Information Centre (EEIC)

 Estonian Environment Information Centre (EEIC) is state organisation administered by the Ministry of Environment. The primary function of EEIC is collecting, analysing, processing and providing environmental information and data. The aim is to consolidate all environmental data (there are over 40 environmental datasets in Estonia at present) into one national register, relating through it all environmental data in time and space, and giving the database a form which enables to use data according to internationally approved principles. 
The regulation of 10th of December 1992 of the Estonian Minister of Environment gave the Centre its present name and status of state organisation administered by the Ministry of Environment. The bases for publication of environmental information and data are the Law of Public Information, the Aarhus Convention, directive 2003/4/EC and other relevant documents.

Our mission is to provide reliable environmental information for everybody.

Our vision is to become the leading centre for reliable environmental information in Estonia.


We value Credibility, Cooperation, Creativity, Consideration. 
  • collecting, analyzing and providing environmental data;
  • compiling and issuing of environmental reports;
  • coordinating national environmental monitoring programme;
  • development and use of geo-referenced data (GIS) in our areas of activity
  • maintaining of environmental information systems, e.g. information system of environmental permits
  • providing consultations, expertise and assessments in its field of activity
  • acting as a national focal point (NFP) for European Environment Agency and UNEP/ Infoterra network
  • acting in the consortia of EEA’s ETC/BD and ETC/RWM
  • reporting of environmental data to EEA, EUROSTAT, European Commission, UNEP and other international institutions
  • EEIC acts as EMAS and Eco-labelling competent body in Estonia
  • administrating of national greenhouse gases emissions trading registry, management of joint implementation projects related to Estonia, compilation of ozone depleting substances consumption and treatment database
Budget and number of staff

In 2006, the budget of EEIC is 19 million EEK (1.214 million euros) and we had 60 people working for us.



Estonina Organogram


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Website: www.keskkonnainfo.ee 




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