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CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency


The Czech Environmental Information Agency is a state allowance organization reporting to the Czech Ministry of the Environment. CENIA was established in 2005. The key objectives of the Agency are to create, collect, validate, assess and report the cross-media environmental information supporting better sustainability and environmental policies. To support these goals, CENIA concentrates, inter alia, on

  • developing and managing an integrated environmental information system including primary data validation and information syntheses;
  • assessment of state of the environment in the socioeconomic context and assessment of efficiency of environment policy instruments;
  • developing and operating the Integrated Pollution Register (IPR), competence centres on IPPC, waste management, REACH, BAT, EIA/SEA, eco-damages and environmental economics;
  • voluntary instruments - ecolabeling, cleaner production, EMAS, awareness raising;
  • leading the horizontal data related processes currently represented by INSPIRE, GMES and SEIS including coordination of the national and international reporting;
  • management of the entire information and data flows in the environmental sector.


As a typical example. the Agency builds the Integrated Polluters Register (IPR) which integrates all mandatory environmental reporting from polluters to government and connects databases on IPPC facilities, water discharges, air pollution sources, waste management, ePRTR and contaminated sites. Secondly the project decomposes the whole environmental legislation extracting the duties, responsibilities and procedures, that will be made available through helpdesk, portal and also as a sort of pre-due diligence through geoportal. Thus no polluter or local administrative body will be left ignorant of the correct terms and procedures when dealing with the environmental sector.

CENIA became major governmental data broker as it develops and operates cross cutting national metadata and map portals (geoportal.cenia.cz, mis.cenia.cz), information system on statistics and reporting (issar.cenia.cz), environmetal portal (portal.cenia.cz) and portal for environmental education (vitejtenazemi.cenia.cz) as well as thematic portals for Water Framework Directive (voda.cenia.cz), military atlas (izgard.cenia.cz) and many others.

Furthermore CENIA is in charge of an interdisciplinary and intersectoral assessment and interpretations of information on the environment in the context of social and on the economic data and sustainable development. The Agency publishes primarily yearly State of the Environment Report, Environmental Statistics Yearbook, complex reviews (The environment in the Czech Republic 1989-2005, The economy and the environment 1989-2008), public awareness raining publications (The environment - environment for life?) and methodology guidebooks (Assessor's handbook, Guide to cleaner production).

At international level CENIA acts as National Focal Point and National Reference Centre for different thematic areas towards European Environment Agency. CENIA has been leading European Topic Centre on Water Consortium since 2007 as the first new EU Member State.

CENIA acts as a standard Environment Protection Agency with an emphasis on knowledge and its management. The Agency has 110 permanent employees, of which 80% hold a university degree and has been certified according to ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:1999 and EMAS.




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Website: http://www.cenia.cz    to see the location on map click here



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