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  • News Plastic and microplastic pollution, conference on 11-12 May, Brussels

    The Federal Environment Agency Austria, in co-operation with the Latvian EU Presidency, ECOSOC and others, initiated a stakeholder conference in order to take stock of existing knowledge about plastic and microplastic entering the aquatic environment, and to identify steps for effectively counteracting pollution. 

    Please find more information, including the registration site, here.

    [posted on: 16/04/2015]
  • News EPA Network Conference on Green Economy, 5 June, Brussels

    To illustrate the various benefits a green economy with real-life examples, and learn how barriers to a greener economy can be addresses effectively, EPAs from across Europe are organising this conference. It is targeted at political decision-makers, public officials and business representatives from both the national and European level.

    Find more information here.

    [posted on: 16/04/2015]

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National Profile

Agency of Environment and Forestry



The Agency of Environment and Forestry (AEF) was established by the Decision of Council of Ministers No.579, dated 23.08.2006, in the framework of restructuring of Institute of Environment and Institute of Forestry and Pasture Researches. The Agency of Environment and Forestry is a legal, public and budgetary institution under the Minister of Environment, Forest and Water Administration (MEFWA).

AEF has started procedures for national accreditation of laboratory for water analysis according to ISO standards and established database on environmental hot-spots. Also AEF has prepared the draft State of Environment Report , 2005-2007, 2008 and 2009

Mission of AEF
To regenerate, improve and preserve the environment, while providing a sustainable development

Vision of AEF
Albania that enjoys a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, enabling improvement of life quality for present and future generations while maintaining the diversity of natural resources.

Legal basis

  • DCM No. 103, dated 31.3.2002 “On environmental monitoring in Republic of Albania”
  • DCM No. 118., dated 18.11.2009 “ On rules and procedures for compilation and implementation of National Environmental Monitoring Program
  • Law No. 9890, dated 20.3.2008 “ On amendments of  law no. 8934, dated 5.9.2002 “On environmental protection”.
  • Draft law on Environmental Protection which is in approval process.
  • Draft law on Environmental Permmits
  • Draft law on Environment Impact Assessment
  • Draft law on Waste Management


The Agency of Environment and Forestry is established under the Decision of Council Ministers No.579, dated 23.08.2006 “ On establishment of Agency of Environment and Forestry”

Staff and budget

Number of staff: 47

Budget: AEF is a state budgetary institution under the  Minister of Environment, Forest and Water Administration  thus  the budget is depend on  the Ministry.

Information services

  • Technical supports, services and consultation to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration.
  • Collecting, processing and public information on monitoring data related to environment and forestry field
  • Monitoring activities:
    • Monitoring on  air quality in Tirana and Elbasan cities for 6 main  indicators of air quality, (TSP, PM10 , Pb , SO2 , NO2 , O3 ., Pb)
    • Monitoring on urban discharges in surface water for 8 city, pollution in downstream of Ishmi river and hazardous substances in surface water for 35 monitoring stations.
    • Monitoring on forestry health , forestry biodiversity, biomonuments, aromatic-medicinal plants and wild fauna
  • Reporting to the European Environment Agency and EIONET of the data for the state of some environmental indicators of our country.
  • Preparation and publication of State of Environment Reports
  • Provide contribution to EEA for preparation of the SoER.


Projects dealing with  AEF

Project Stema (Strengthening of the Environmental Monitoring System in Albania) - One of the purposes of this project was the definition of Agency of Environment and Forestry as the National Reference Center for Monitoring System in Albania together with a number of reference laboratories to form a National Reference Center for the Environment. Within this project AEF is equipped with modern equipment for monitoring air quality.

Odour Analysis Project  - It was a project funded by the Swedish Government and implemented by the company ÅF Consult and aims the establishment of the laboratory for odour analysis. The laboratory is in the final stage and is installed the program to get the data for pollutants emission into the air from various industrial activities. 

Project FOPER (Forest Policy Economics and Research) - This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland through European Forest Institute (EFI). Has started the second phase of this project, which aims the support of the AEF in the field of forest policy. In the frame of  this project are committed trainings of AEF staff.

Twinning project - This project is funded by the Dutch government and has had in focus two components; 1) The  institutional support to Agency of Environment and Forestry, in the framework of which is realized the mission, vision, logo and web site of AEF, and also  the new structure and job description and 2) Making ready the AEF for the accreditation of the laboratory for water analysis according to ISO 17025 standard.

INPAEL Project (Implementation of National Plan for Approximation of Environmental Legislation) - This project is funded by EU delegation in Tirana and has started in 2010. The aim of the project is the monitoring of Erzeni River. The analysis for determination of parameters for water quality are carried out by the staff of Analytical Laboratory within Agency of Environment and Forestry . Also this project gives the support to AEF for the accreditation process.

CEMSA project (Consolidation of Environmental Monitoring System of Albania) - This project is funded by EU delegation in Tirana and the specific objective of this project is the expansion and consolidation of an up-to-date, cost-effective and operational Integrated Environmental Monitoring System (IEMS), capable of using environmental standards and EU directives as a general reference framework.

Cooperation with other projects - AEF has collaborated with the Project on Identification and prioritization of environmental Hot Spots funded by UNDP providing its contribution to technical advice for the environmental situation of the polluted areas and measures for their rehabilitation. Also AEF has collaborated with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy for the project “Identification of industrial waste in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy sectors,  by participating in expedition for recognition of the environmental situation and give recommendations for their safe storage, sale, recycling and disposal.


AEF has undertaken the organization of several different workshops as are mentioned below:

  • Workshop on " Environmental Data Sharing and  Information  Networking in Albania " in the framework of the agreement between UNEP / DEWA and the Agency of Environment and Forestry for the 'Organization of a workshop that will contribute in the development of a national network of environmental information in Albania'
  • Training "The operation of wastewater treatment plant and reuse of  wastewater" in collaboration with the Regional Office for Europe of  World Health Organization
  • Workshop on "Forest Fire Protection" which was meant to increase the human awareness of forest protection from damage today, to ensure their future and the continuity of our life.
  • Workshop on "Management of Forests in Korça region" in the context of the FOPER project in collaboration with Netherlands Development Organization.

Achievements of AEF

  • Successful cooperation with MEFWA and with other institutions that perform monitoring activities on environmental state recognition.
  • Collection and processing of monitoring data provided by monitoring institutions.
  • Preparation and publication of three State of Environment Reports 2005-2007, 2008 and 2009
  • Reporting in the European Environment Agency and EIONET of the data for the state of some environmental indicators of our country.
  • Reporting to EEA on SoER 2010 for climate change, nature and biodiversity, waste, air quality, freshwater
  • AEF has started procedures for national accreditation of analytical laboratory for  water analysis according to ISO 17025  standard.
  • Compilation of  National Environmental Monitoring Program for 2011.

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