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Green Economy: Opportunities for Jobs, Growth and Innovation in Europe


On 5 June 2015 the EPA Network – an informal network of heads of environmental protection agencies from across Europe – organized a conference on Green Economy. During the morning session, we discussed the challenges that lie ahead with decision-makers in policy and business. We took a closer look at real-life examples of developing a greener economy, and discussed their political implications. In the afternoon, Green Economy experts spoke on how to provide targeted and robust information for political decision-making.


A conference report is now available in a short and a more comprehensive version. The World Cafe discussions on how EPAs can promote Green Economy are captured in a separat report. Our conference reporter also conducted in interview with Marianne Fay.

This background paper provides further references to green economy reports and practical examples.

Presentations from the conference can be downloaded by following the links in the conference programme:


Welcome, setting the scene

Laura Burke, Director General, Environmental Protection Agency Ireland

Why do we need a Green Economy? The global context

The global aspect. How a green economy can contribute to global sustainable development.

Marianne Fay, Chief Economist, World Bank

Video message


Keep the EU competitive in the long run.

Paul Ekins, Director, University College London, Institute for Sustainable Resources

Green Economy in the European Union - where do we go from here?

What role will the green economy concept play in the European Commission's agenda for jobs, growth and innovation?

Gwenole Cozigou, Director, DG GROW, European Commission


Green Economy in the 7th Environment Action Programme

Karl Falkenberg, Director General, DG ENV, European Commission


Panel Discussion

Paul Ekins, Gwenole Cozigou, Karl Falkenberg; moderator: Maarten Hajer, Director-General, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Glimpses of real-life examples of a Green Economy: what are the impacts, what is the potential of a Green Economy to create jobs, innovation and welfare?

Example 1: Creating industries with future potential in a traditionally industrialised country.

Emyr Roberts, Chief Executive, Natural Resources Wales, in dialogue with Piers Guy, Director Onshore Wind Development, Vattenfall UK


Example 2: A growing Green Economy sector.

Fokko Wientjes, Vice-President, Royal DSM


Conclusions from the morning session

Fokko Wientjes; Stefano Laporta, Director General, Italian Institute for Environment Protection; Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director, European Environment Agency


Closing of the morning session

Maarten Hajer

Best practises, opportunities and challenges for a Green Economy - lessons learnt and the way ahead

Welcome, aims of the session

Per Mickwitz, Research Director, Finnish Environment Institute

Best practises from European countries

Shift to a green / circular economy to support the Green Growth agenda in Scotland

Allan Reid, Scottish Environment Protection Agency


Green Economy contributing to ecconomic development in countries of crisis

Kristin L. Arnadottir, Environment Agency of Iceland


Learning from cooperative case studies - selected Green Economy cases from Finland, France, the Netherlands and Germany

Riina Antikainen, Finnish Environment Institute


Lessons learnt from green growth indicator development in Slovakia

Martin Darmo, Ministry of Environment, Slovakia

World Cafe - lessons learnt and the way ahead

How can EPAs support the development of a Green Economy? Topics for discussion:

1) Data and indicators

2) Good practise examples and business models on national and regional levels

3) Learning from comparative case studies

4) Greening the European Semester


Closing the afternoon session, suggestions for next steps and future work

Per Mickwitz and group work facilitators



Some photographs taken during the day can be viewed here.

The conference was part of the European Sustainable Development Week.

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